I’m wiped out

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Good morning!

Scarlett and I had a Spa Day and we are both wiped out.   

My Mon was kissing on me when we got home and she felt a bump.  Omgggggg!   It was a TICK!   My first tick and my Mom freaked out.   She called the vet….I was headed to the Dr.   But the Dr calmed her down and told her to get my Daddy to remove the tick…(Daddy was at the airport but he came home to help me).   I was such a good girl.  I didn’t scream or anything.   I was very still and let him operate on me.  Mom was rubbing my head, kissing me and telling me I was such a good girl.   Daddy got the tick off of me.  It hadn’t been on there very long.  The only place I had been was to the groomer…must have gotten it there.  Our yard is treated and we’ve never had ticks….plus, I don’t like hanging around outside..,,I don’t like bugs and I hate bees!    
After Daddy removed the imposter, Mom dabbed a cotton ball in alcohol and touched the spot!  Now that got my attention, big time…..Daddy told her to spray a dab of Peroxide instead of alcohol,,,,,WHEW!  That’s much better.   I think I’m cured!   

Scarlett is posing after her trip to the Spa.   She LOVES wearing a bandana….she loves wearing any type of clothing.

the tick is small….blown up in the photo….I’m just glad he is no longer hanging around on me. 🤣

Abi & Scarlett