I need help!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Do you know it takes me 10 minutes to get down 15 steps!   When we first moved into our new home, I fell down the steps not once but twice.......Scarlett fell down a few times too.......Can you imagine being on the bottom of the stairs and here comes Scarlett upside down, feet up in the air, flying down the steps........well......I didn't cause that much on a commotion but I was absolutely freaking out, screaming and said I would never do that again.   I didn't get hurt.......I'm a little thing, full of lots of hair for padding.  But...I decided then and there no way was I ever going to come down those steps again by myself.   Now, I sit at the top and make a lot of noise and Mom rushes up to get me.   Daddy has been working with me and is teaching me how to walk down each steps slowly and walk to the end of one step, walk across it, step down and go to the other step.....this is a long, drawn out process but it does work.....as long as Daddy is sitting there with me while I take my baby steps down the stairs.   We have an elevator but I can't reach the buttons......so I just stick my head thru the railings and let out a squeal and Mom comes running up the steps to carry me down.  She's always telling me don't look down......and I don't.   Daddy snapped this picture of me slowly coming down.....it took 10 minutes but I did it on my own.......well, kinda on my own.