Ice Cream Cart Dress!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Hi everyone,

I'm wearing my cute little Ice Cream Cart Dress today on our rescue flight to New Jersey!  This has been one of our #1 selling dresses.   We had the cutest little dog in the boutique yesterday weighing 3 pounds......her mom bought her the XXS dress and also she bought her big sister the matching dress.......her big sister weighs 12 pounds.....they are going to wear their dresses to a Mother's Day cookout!    Sooooooo cute!

I love sitting up high in the airplane and looking out of the windows.  My daddy put a soft craft on the seat for 4 rescue puppies and I can keep my eye on the puppies and also have the best seat in the plane at the same time!   :-)

I hope everyone has a happy Mother's Day!!!!