I'm in the Hamptons!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Hi everyone,
We are in East Hampton, NY delivering 16 rescue pups and their Moms. I had the best seat in the plane coming up here!   I sat on top of one of the large dog crates and I entertained the Mom and her puppies while I watched everything going on outside from my seat.   Usually I have to stand up on the arm rest to look of the window...or stand on Scarlett's back...but today I could see everything! 

I was in a rush to go potty and was pacing up and down the wing of the plane trying to get someone’s attention…to help me get off of the wing…..no 🍀! Finally, I decided to take matters into my own little paws….about the time I decided to handle the situation, my Mom saw me and started taking pictures! She told me she was too far away to grab me so she took pictures….she saw the determined look on my face🤣


Ok, I'm going to do this on my own!

Ummmm....I think i can handle this with no problems.....


I did it!   I'm a tough little girl!

I decided to walk over to the rock wall (love hopping up on walls) and do my “business”. As I was getting ready to jump over the wall, I saw something move😱😱😱…..it was a 🐸! I don’t miss anything! 🐾❤️  

I am practically standing on my head checking out this frog.   I must have scared him.....he jumped under one of the stones and stayed hidden.  

Now it’s time for lunch!  Grilled chicken strips, fresh carrots and apple slices….prepared just for me!❤️

Have a wonderful day!!!