It’s going to be a FUN DAY!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Today Beth, is coming to spend the day with us and I’m sooo excited!  I love Beth and her furbaby…Minnie.  Mom and Beth are going to downtown Raleigh for their Yoga class Christmas luncheon…..then they are going to a Tea Party at 3:00.   It’s going to be a busy day for them.  I’m going to stay home with Daddy and Scarlett and let them enjoy their adventures while we three wrap Christmas presents.   If it’s not too cold, Daddy said he will take us to the airport and maybe fly over to Rocky Mount for an afternoon outing.

We have a huge, sequined reindeer in our front yard…complete with a big bow.   When Scarlett first saw it last night she went into attack mode….and of course, she called me to back her up.   You should have seen Scarlett!   She was barking her head off, her feet were bouncing off of the floor, her hair was standing up on her back..,,when I arrived on the scene…I took one look and told Scarlett it’s just a reindeer….calm down…but that didn’t work…she kept barking, running from window to window and getting louder.   Daddy tried to take her outside to show it to her but she wanted no part of that….Daddy picked me and carried me out to look and Mom took pictures of me…posing on the reindeer’s back….🤣.  I might be little but I’m much braver than Scarlett!