It’s Spring!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

I love Spring.   Trees, flowers and shrubs are waking up from Winter.   This is my favorite season.  Mom, Scarlett and I have been taking cuttings from shrubs and are going to be planting lots of new flowering shrubs in the garden area.

Taking cuttings is super easy.   All you need to do is break off a piece of the shrub you want to duplicate.   Make sure you cut it where the wood is hard, brown area and not soft green area.   Dip it in water, then dip it in rooting hormone.   Once you do this....just plant the cutting in a small container that has potting soil in it and place it in a safe area where it can get sun.   Mom saves the trays she buys plants in and uses them.    Leave them in this container until next Spring....then, just plant it in your garden and watch it grow.

That’s my gardening tip of the day.  🤣🤣🤣❤️

Abigail & Scarlett