It’s too early for me!

Posted by Abigail Zeneski on

Hi everyone!

Mom got me up and put me in the car while I was still asleep!   We have a super busy day today…,flying lots of pups to safe shelters.   Our first stop will be Augusta, GA!  In the picture..I’m in the hangar in my little snuggle bed…in my stroller.!   Still sleeping!  I figured I’d nap in the stroller to make sure Daddy doesn’t forget to put it in the plane.

Something is very wrong with these pictures!   Mom is in the front of the plane….Dad in the back…..and I’m outside trying to get their attention to pick me up!  I need my own step of steps to get inside!😱

Wheels up in about 15!   We have lots of cute passengers today…,,I’ll post more pictures when we get to GA