It’s toooo early!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Good morning!

It’s just too early for me to be getting out of bed.   Can you believe my Mom got me out of my warm bed at 5:15….it was still dark!  I was still fast asleep and she combed my hair, put a bow in my ponytail and put me in my travel bed.  I was sound asleep during all of this…Scarlett was already in the car and I thought I was too…but …she intercepted and insisted I wear my sunglasses!,,,seriously….sunglasses when I’m still sleeping!   …..If you think I look ridiculous… haven’t seen anything yet!   Wait until I get my headsets on🤣     We are headed to the beach house and are meeting our friends at 8:00 for breakfast on their boat!  Omg!   I hope Mom doesn’t put a life jacket and swim cap on me!  Do not laugh but I do have a swim cap….it’s pink with silly little rubber pompoms on it….I’m absolutely embarrassed to be seen in public with it on my head…my life jacket is a sight to see too and it has my name monogrammed on it….how embarrassing   I really don’t want want people to know it’s me in that strange looking outfit…hopefully no one will recognize me….but how can you not know it’s me with Abigail written on it.   Mom promised me she won’t put my bikini or swim cap on until we get in the pool…but I have a float and I do not intend on getting wet as long as they keep Scarlett away from me.   She gets toooo excited..runs around like the Duracell bunny on steroids and jumps in.   In the past, I have fallen off of the float (no worries, there is no way I can sink with all of the flotation devices i’m wearing).  Mom was napping one day on her float and Scarlett jumped in, landed on her and the float flipped upside down🤣🤣Daddy wanted Scarlett to do it again so he could video …..not a good idea.


Abi & Scarlett