It’s tooooo early for me!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Good morning!

It’s 5:45 in the morning!😱    Yes!  I’m still asleep!  I tried to open my eyes a little for the paparazzi but I really want my beauty sleep.   We are headed to the airport for an early flight to PA.  

Yes,  I’m fast asleep!

Wheels up!✈️

Daylight!  The sun is peeping up over the horizon!


😱😱😱My Daddy spiked my hair on the way out of the door….and of course the paparazzi snapped a pic!    I have nooooo privacy!


Ok, I’m here!   Where is my ride?   It’s so early I guess they aren’t here yet!

Come on Daddy!   I need a lift off of the wing!