Leather Biker Jackets!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

OMG!   Toooo cute!   Our leather biker jackets are flying off of the hangers!   We have them in black or pink and it’s been sooo much buzzzz going on in the boutique about them.    Yesterday, a guy came in with his PitBull AND his Yorkie!  He bought Eunice, the PitBull, a Pink jacket and Earl the Yorkie a black jacket.    They were sooooo cute.    I was napping in my stroller but Mom interrupted my nap so I could check them out....soooo snazzy!    I want a Pink jacket but Mom said No!!    I don’t have a motorcycle....but I do have my own  car!!   Macey, my BFF, and I need matching leather jackets to wear when we are out cruising around.  Don’t you think we would look cute in matching jackets?