Let's go!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

It's soooo cold today!   Scarlett & I are already in the plane staying warm while Mom & Dad are finally boarding.   We are flying out to Howard's Pub on Ocracoke Island for lunch.  Well......we are dining in the plane and the food is being delivered but that's fine with me...I'd rather dine in and be safe.  After lunch we are going to ride bicycles around the island and check out the views.  Scarlett is too big to ride in a basket so she will just waltz along with Daddy as he rides.   Me????  Oh....I have the cutest little basket attached to Mom's bike ....complete with pink blankets and of course my sun visor and sunglasses.....I have to always make a fashion statement wherever I go.  

I'll post videos on Instagram

Stay tuned.....

Abi & Scarlett