Long Flight Today!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Super busy day!    We flew to the coast, had an awesome lunch and bought some over the top inventory for the boutique,    After we finished our meeting, Mom took my dress off, put me in my pink harness and I was ready to go!   I didn’t  have to worry about my dress & petticoats blowing over my head and exposing me to the world anymore.    Daddy & Scarlett were walking in the water....ME??  I’m almost sitting on my Mom’s head staying as far away as I can from those waves.   I don’t like getting wet and gritty....but I love riding on the float in the pool......except when Scarlett jumps in and my float flips over.....talk about a nightmare....OMG!  It did happen, two different times...and of course Mom took a picture....that’s another story.....and a picture I’d rather you don’t see...I am soaking wet and I was really mad at Scarlett.   But I got dried off and eventually was nice to Scarlett.