Looks are completely deceiving!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Good morning!

Yesterday we were out walking and a lady called me an adorable little spoiled diva!   Wellll, that didn’t fly very well with me....my Mom always has cute bows in my hair, I’m always brushed with my hair flowing and a cute little harness....but....let me tell you something.....I’m tough.   I might look like a model for a magazine cover but don’t mess with me.  You can ask the UPS or Amazon guy about me..I’m well known throughout this area......Daddy says he’s expecting me to just go ahead and knock the glass out of the door one day and attack.....I’m better than the security system.   If Scarlett sees a stranger approaching, she gives me the signal (a low growl) and I take over.   Once I get into attack mode, Scarlett really goes into action too......deliveries are dropped off on the porch, pictures taken fast and they run back to their trucks....I love it....then Scarlett and I give each other a high 5 and we go back to napping!  Sooo, don’t let my cuteness fool you!   I kick ass!


Abi & Scarlett