Lots of rescue pups today!

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Hi everyone,

It’s been a really busy day.  We flew to Augusta, GA and picked up a lot of rescue dogs.   They were soooo cute!  One group was a Mom and her tiny pups!   

I met Amelia and her fur baby, Stem, and Yeresca!   They work at the airport and I had sooo much fun!   Veresca carried me around while Mom was helping Dad and Bob unload all of the pups and get them into our plane.   I loved it!  

Augusta airport is gorgeous!   It even has rocking chairs on the front porch!   The airport building reminds me of an upscale, very welcoming hotel.   

Amelia & Stem 

Veresca & Me!

The pups had a great flight and I hung out with Winston (the white fluffy pup that Mom wanted to add to our family).  We chatted during the flight, shared a cookie and looked out of the window.   Flo, was busy nursing her pups and keeping them comforted during the ride.  All of the other fur baby passengers slept the entire flight.   We landed in Louisburg, NC and Conner landed about  5 minutes after we arrived.   Perfect timing!   Pups had a potty break (except the babies…too young to touch the ground) and we got them loaded into Conner’s plane and off they went to Manassas, VA to a safe shelter.

Conner, the northern Pilot and Daddy ….making sure Winston & Miller are comfortable in their crate. 

Daddy couldn’t resist playing with Miller 

Winston went for a car ride after Conner delivered them to the shelter.

Winston is a happy boy!❤️

After the car ride, he and his travel buddy, his bestie Miller….enjoyed the freedom of playing in the backyard at the foster’s house.


Scruffy loved being hugged by his foster Mom.

i loveee going on rescue flights with my parents, meet furbabies and see pictures of them after they have arrived at their safe place while they are waiting to meet their forever parents.

I told Daddy we have to get more flights to the Augusta, GA airport!   It’s my favorite airport!❤️❤️❤️