Macey got a good report from her ultrasound!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Good morning everyone!

My bestie in the entire world, Macey, had to have an ultrasound to make sure she's still tumor free and she WAS!!!   I am sooooo happy!   Macey is the sweetest girl and Scarlett, Nala, Annie, Minnie, Toby and I are really pulling for her to beat cancer!

Cancer SUCKS and Macey's team is going to beat it!   Macey is 14 years YOUNG and she acts just like me and Scarlett.....we're 3 years old and all of us are tight!!!!!   Macey runs and plays just like us and when she sees a camera...........welllll......that's where she is different from me......Macey will strike a turn my head because my Mom probably takes 100 pictures of me every day.....I can't even go potty in peace without my Mom telling me to would you like to be sitting on the potty with a camera in your face and someone telling you to's just not going to happen!

Have a wonderful day!!!