Macey’s Christmas 🎁

Posted by Anne Zeneski on


My Mom has been really busy wrapping Christmas gifts and I’ve been helping her.    I got into trouble when Mom was wrapping my BFF Macey’s gift. (That’s Macey in the picture under the Christmas tree) I want her gift!!!  I was in the process of trying to drag it to my room and Mom came around the corner and took it from me.    She told me it was for Macey!!😱.  Well......why don’t I have one??   I want one too!!   Mom put it back into the box.....I jumped into the box again to try and hide it in my room but....that didn’t happen. Mom taped the box up and wrapped it in Christmas paper and put it beside the Christmas tree.   I perched myself under the tree to guard it and when Mom went back upstairs I tried to unwrap it.   I got into trouble AGAIN because I tore the paper and it had to be rewrapped   Now Maceys present is upstairs in a guest room and I can’t reach it.   I have to find Santa and have a serious talk with him.   I want him to bring me a present just like Maceys!  

Keep your fingers crossed that I reach Santa soon!