Macey’s Garden/Park❤️🐾🌼🌷

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Good Morning,

Scarlett & I have been sooo busy helping Mom in “Macey’s Garden/Park”.   Most of you know Macey crossed Rainbow Bridge on December 26th.  

Macey was full of personality.   She would see her Mama, Pam Daniel, with her iphone and she automatically went into the “strike a pose mode”.  Macey was our”spokes dog” for our boutique and she was absolutely the best!   Macey did the best videos and everyone LOVED them....she was never lost for words.

We have a large natural area beside of our house and she loved the area soooo much.   Mom, Scarlett and I (Daddy too) are creating a Memorial Park in memory of Macey.   I’m sooo excited!   Lots of planning going on and........there are some gardening magazines that have picked up on this.....more exciting news on this will be coming in a few more months.   In the meantime, stay tuned for more updates on Macey’s Memorial Garden/Park.