Major anxiety!

Posted by Abigail Zeneski on

Good morning!

My mom and Dad say “this is exactly how Abigail is at the vet ‘s office”


I can’t help it!   I fall to pieces when I think I’m going to the doctor…..I’m actually much more vocal than this pup…..I’m also this bad going to the groomer.   I know where I’m going and I start crying….then I get louder….by the time we get to the groomer….I’m screaming my head off….everyone in there is looking at me…but I don’t care….I don’t want my Mommy and Daddy to leave me.   Kris says I’m very good and I don’t cry or do anything but stand there…..I do not like my parents leaving me….for anything.   All 4 of us must be together at all times!❤️   I have major separation anxiety.  🤣🤣