Meet Candy!,,🐾🐾🐾❤️

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Hi everyone,

Today, 7 years ago, Candy was within an hour euthanization in Kentucky.  Poor girl was scared to death. Candace, a rescuer in SC made a phone call to the shelter and stopped her from being killed.   Joel, from Virginia, was going to be her new Daddy!   Candace posted an urgent request on PilotsNPaws and pilots jumped in.   Two pilots from Kentucky met Dad & Mom at the airport in Greensboro, NC and they brought Candy (named after the awesome rescue woman that saved her life) back home with them to spend the night.   Candy was a sweetheart!  She was soooo happy to be rescued and she just wanted to stay close to,the both of them.   Scarlett & I weren’t born yet so we missed out on going on this rescue flight….but we’ve heard wonderful stories about Candy & Joel.  

This is Candy in the shelter……she’s crying…..look at the tears on her face?

Candy is in the plane with Bob & Paul and is leaving Kentucky!   She’s not sure where she is headed but at least she’s out of the shelter.

Group shot of Dad, Mom, Bob, Paul and Candy.

Daddy & Candy are getting ready to board the plane.

Candy and Mom talked the entire flight.   Candy said forget about sitting in the first class section.   She stayed up front almost in the cockpit the entire flight and told them how scared she was in the shelter  

She has landed in Wakefield, VA and is headed to meet her Daddy!

Group shot! Candy has arrived!  Her first picture with her Daddy!   Daddy, Mom, Joel & Candy  

Candy & Joel are waving to Dad & Mom as they leave 

Candy loves her Daddy and has to be touching him.

She LOVES her life with her Daddy Joel!  She has won the lottery!

She has no idea she’s a dog 🤣🤣🤣.  She doesn’t get further than 3’ from her Daddy.

Such a precious girl!

Dad, Mom, Joel, Lynne and Candy got together in Williamsburg several months ago.   Candy is such a happy happy girl.  

There are soooo many dogs in shelters, including high kill shelters, that would love to have a family.    Please shop shelters for furbabies!,, Scarlett, Candy snd myself are all rescue dogs and we have the best homes with loving families!   Please adopt from shelters!



Abigsil, Scarlett & Candy