Meet Jett!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Hi everyone,

Check out Miss Jett!   Isn’t she beautiful?  Our friend Lynne rescued her and shes going to have a great life!  

Jett is shopping and is trying out beds!

Candy has a new playmate and she’s having soooo much fun!

She is already spoiled!

She knows how Joel spoils Candy….soooo she is making sure she pays special attention to him.  🤣🐾

Jett is going to be a shopping DIVA!

Isn’t she such a gorgeous girl?🐾

Scarlett & I told Daddy, we need to fly up to Virginia and let us meet Jett and see Joel, Lynne and Candy!  Hoperully, we can soon!


Abigail & Scarlett