Meet Leia Earhart!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Hi everyone,

Isn’t Leia Earhart gorgeous?    She is soooo sweet.   She was with her Dad today at the airport and she & Scarlett had so much fun!   I had fun too…..watching from my stroller!🤣   Leia loves to fly!   She’s always ready to go on adventures!!✈️🌤

Leia Earhart - was rescued 7 months ago from a SC shelter.   

Rescued dogs are the best!   Rescued dogs are soooo appreciative…,they know you saved them and have given them an amazing home, lots of love, adventures, great food & treats, adorable clothes and soooo much more!   If you’re thinking about adding a furbaby to your family…adopt, don’t shop and save the life of a shelter dog!