Meet Wilbur!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Hi everyone!

Tomorrow is another rescue flight!  My Mom informed me I have to get out of the bed tomorrow morning by 5:00!!!!  This is insane!   We are flying to Georgia to pick up 5 rescue pups that were found wandering in the woods all alone in Georgia.  They are going on their Pilots N Paws Freedom Flight to New York!   Pilot Alan Hills is going to meet us when we return to NC and he's going to continue the flight with the pups to New York.

I love going on rescue flights with my parents but getting up at 5:00 in the morning????   My Mom told me she will leave me in pajamas and dress me during the flight.   But, knowing my Mom, she will watch a movie or something and fall asleep.....then, we will be landing and I will still have a bedhead and in pajamas!   I can't let these pups see me looking like this!!!  OMG!     My Mom assured me she will get me combed and dressed before we land!

Wilbur, the little guy in the picture, is sooooo cute!   Scarlett, my lab sister, wants my parents to adopt him so she will have a playmate!   Can you believe that??? Scarlet wants a playmate when she has all she needs.....ME!!!!  I know I'm little but I'm fearless and tougher than Scarlett.   When Scarlett sees the UPS or FedEx guy coming to the door......she runs to find me so I will protect her!   I bark my head off and jump on the door at them......they back away when they see me but they stand there and wave at Scarlett.......they know she's a joke and she sits there with her paw in the air wanting to shake their hand........while I am in attack mode and scare them off.  Scarlett needs to forget this idea of hers! 

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