Missed my airport buddies!!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

We have been all over the state today..   First stop, Rocky Mount Airport and none of my buddies were working.   Scarlett and I were so excited to be there!   We ran in the door and didn’t see anyone we knew 😱. I had my 3 pieces of popcorn & ice water and then I took a nap in my chair.    Scarlett was really sad too!   The office door where she always goes in to see Brian and Jessica was closed.  She sat there waiting for the door to open for her🥲  Daddy explained to her they weren’t working….she was crushed!   Scarlett is like a greeter when she’s there.   She loves seeing people come in and greets with with a wiggle butt and a paw shake.🐾❤️

We noticed a big festival sign and decided to check it out.   I was all settled in my stroller and Scarlett was in her Service Dog outfit and off we went to explore new areas.  Welllllll, a big guy came over and space and no dogs allowed” !   Seriously?   Outdoors in a public, huge open space and no dogs allowed???  We won’t be going back to that area!  We weren’t thrilled with what we were seeing anyway….complete waste of our time…..so we left and went to another festival where everyone loves dogs and were strutting their furbabies all over the place.    This is our kind of place.   We met lots of people, dogs and business owners.   

Scarlett and I were worn out and slept all of the way home.💤❤️✈️

Napping in”my” chair at the airport. 

Scarlett kept going to the office door to make sure her buddies really weren’t in there. 

Scarlett couldn’t believe it!   Jessica and Brian weren’t there.   She was so sad.