Mom’s getting “groomed” today

Posted by Abigail Zeneski on

Good morning,

Mom got me up earlier than usual, combed my hair, dressed me and off we went …in the car.   I was thinking….oh no….this isn’t good.   I think we are headed to the groomer and I’m going to have a meltdown and a breakdown….at the same time!  I know exactly how long it takes to get to the groomer…so I started seriously looking out of the window.  Omgggg!  I saw my groomers building…we were at the light in front of the building.   The light turned green and off we went….we passed by!   I was soooo happy!   A few minutes later we arrived at Mom’s hair salon!   It was her grooming day and not mine.   I felt like turning flips!!!  I walked in and saw Lindsay and ran to see her!  Then, I saw my other friends and I got kisses!❤️   I had so much fun….plus I napped a little too.  

Mom wanted to go to the mall but she and Daddy had a lunch date with a friend and we didn’t have time today…but, we will go later this week.  I love going to the mall!  I get VIP treatment and I ❤️ It!