My baby is in danger!!!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

I couldn’t find my baby today....I’m running all over the house freaking out......I found her!😱 On the treadmill.   There is no way I’m stepping on it to get my baby.....soooo....I started squealing as loud as I could....then I ran down the hall, stuck my head between the railings and screamed downstairs .....bloody murder.   My Mom and Dad came running to my rescue and got my baby for me.    I don’t go anywhere without baby....  I’ve seen how fast the treadmill goes and I don’t get near it.  It was in the off position....but I’m still not getting on it.  

Do you remember a few months ago when baby got lost at the park?   I was so traumatized.   My parents brought me home while they went back to the park and found her.   Since I had a total meltdown that day....Daddy says baby can’t leave the more stroller rides, no airplane rides either.   But it’s ok...,I know baby will be here waiting for me when I get home.