My FAVORITE RESTAURANT in the world!!!!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

If you are ever in HAVE to make it a point to go to SUGAR BUNS!!!  It's at the Easton Airport and I LOVE this place!   My Mom is addicted to their fish n chips.....she says they taste exactly like the ones she gets when she and Daddy are in Ireland......Mom even puts the malted vinegar (gross) on the fries...... Everyone is super nice and the DESSERTS are all HOME MADE from scratch!!!  The St. Michaels cake is soooo many layers of delicious chocolate you just can't eat one piece......better than an entire cake and take it home with you.......that's what we we bring back Apple Pie (home made too) and you can't go to SUGAR BUNS unless you try the Sugar Buns and make sure you take some home with you.......we bring them home, Mom freezes them and we have them later......The scenery in Easton is absolutely beautiful (from the air).....lots of water, beautiful waterfront estates and lots to see.   If you fall in love with the area and want to move buddy, Susan, the owner of Sugar Buns, is also a realtor and she can fix you up with a house in no time.....

Stop by to see Susan and Barbara the next time you're in the's really worth a road trip too........beautiful scenery in the area and lots to do!

Maybe we will run into each other one day at Sugar Buns!!!


Stay safe!!! Wear your Mask!!!

p.s.  If you do go to Sugar Buns....make sure you tell them Abigail and Scarlett sent'll get a special treat !!!