My friend, RC Dickerson

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Hi everyone,

It’s such a small world.  Earlier today, my Mom was out shopping and saw a man sitting in the front of the store waiting for his wife to shop and he had the cutest little dog in his lap!    He was talking to another man about their furbabies.   You know my Mom….she always has to stop and play with furbabies and talk to their parents.   The cute little furbaby she met today is Jack and he’s a Shihtzu!   I can’t believe my Mom didn’t have me with her!😱. Usually I go too but she told me she would only be gone a few minutes and it’s cold outside…so….Scarlett and I stayed home!   Mom told them about flying rescue dogs and one of the men told her about a friend of his that adopted a dog from California….and several pilots were involved getting the furbaby to him….The more he told her….she knew it had to be Tippi on her rescue flight with us from CA to NC  and it was!   Dad & Mom met the Pilot from Texas in SC, picked up Tippi and flew her back to NC where RC and Liz were anxiously awaiting her arrival at the Louisburg airport.   RC and Tippi bonded as soon as they met…it was amazing.     Those two were meant to be together.   

RC would bring Tippi to church with him and Mom and Dad would let us go with them too!   All 3 of us girls would have the best time playing together.   We had a fashion show at the boutique and Tippi was featured in our show.   After RC got sick and needed to move near his daughter, Mom’s cousin, Kathy kept Tippi but she always kept up with RC and sent Liz (his daughter) pictures of Tippi.   RC passed away about a year after moving and Tippi passed away 2 days later…she was 12 years old.   They spent several happy years together….going on walks, Bojangles and lots of car rides…..they are now together with Beth (RC’s wife) in heaven.

Tippi has arrived!

Tippi and RC bonded instantly!

Aren’t they adorable?

Liz is introducing herself to Tippi

Kathy and Tippi In our boutique Christmas fashion show.  Tippi loved strutting down the runway in cute outfits.

Kathy & Tippi


Abigail & Scarlett