My Mercedes is up for grabs!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Hi everyone,

Mom & Dad have decided I need to reduce my fleet of vehicles.   I currently have 4 and one (or two) need to go.  Dad told me I can’t add any more vehicles to my collection until I thin out some.   Soooo, I’m going to part ways with my Mercedes.   It’s in great condition.   Just plug the power supply into the wall, charge it up, press the gas pedal and off you go.  

It’s perfect for a small child.   Scarlett and I have lots of room in it.   Macey and I loved zipping around the yard in it and Scarlett drove it in a couple of fashion shows.   It’s lots of fun…

We can’t ship the car.   You will have to pick it up.   Email me for more info.