My top 5 Airports/Cafes!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Good morning!

I have been soooo busy looking at pictures and notes trying to figure out my top airports/lunch spots….

Sugar Buns Cafe & Bakery @ Easton, MD airport is my #1 place for lunch or breakfast.  I think the food is great.  Mom’s favorites are Fish N Chips with Malt Vinegar.   She also loves the breakfast dishes…..and prefers to have breakfast outside.   Not me…..camping out in my booth inside… Dad loves the burgers and the Reuben.  My favorite is grilled chicken tenders, fresh fruit and maybe a bite of a french fry when Mom isn’t looking.   I love a little bite of an apple from the apple pie or either a carrot for dessert.   But….I’d really love to have a big bite of the Smith Island multi layer chocolate cake…..but I can dream. 😴. Everything at Sugar Buns is made from scratch.  Susan, the owner, has taken cooking classes all over Europe.   When she was a TWA Flight Attendant she was always taking classes and her food is sooooo delicious.   Sometimes there are long waiting lines to get inside the cafe….but believe me, it’s worth the wait.   The dessert bar is the best we’ve ever seen.  They are displayed in a huge old wooden case with curved glsss.   Red Velvet Cake, Chocolate Cake, Coconut Cake, Apple Pie and sooooo much more.    Usually we bring a box of food home for later….but sometimes it doesn’t make it home.   Mom does her inflight service and it gets gone fast!


Arena’s Restaurant - Georgetown, Delaware 

Another one of my favorite places to dine.   Everyone is super nice here and the food is delicious.   Mom gets the French Dip or Chicken Caesar Wrap….plus, she says the Fish N Chips are delicious too!  We never know what Dad will get because it’s lots to choose from.    All of the desserts are home made! We usually dine out on the screened in porch and have it to ourselves.   I love it!    


Simply Suzannne’s Cafe - Spencer, Va - Blue Ridge Regional Airport 

I love this place!   They have a huge area for outside dining along with a massive area for indoor dining.   This is such a neat place to eat!  I feel as if I’m sitting on the runway watching the planes arrive and take off…basically, I am….just a few feet away.    Scarlett loves this place too because she loves the attention she gets.   The staff give her lots of attention and customers do too.   The atmosphere is wonderful and everyone is super nice !  Mom’s favorite dish here is…..Chicken N Dumplings!   She thinks they taste just like her Mom’s.  Plus, another favorite of hers is the grilled chicken sandwich on a super soft roll. Again, my Dad prefers the burgers🤣.  Scarlett & I always order a chicken tender and sometimes I will get a spoonful or two of mashed potatoes with a drop of gravy.   Dessert is sooooo good…I think…..I can look at it but I’m not allowed to have any. 😱. Don’t you feel sorry for me?  I do.   Plus, the says report has a really neat gift shop!

Rocky Mount - Wilson Regional Airport

 This in my favorite airport!   I love it!   Dad & Mom’s choice too!   The snack bar is over the top.   Dad & Mom have been landing here for decades.  They had to wait out a storm about 20 + years ago so they landed here and ate lots of goodies from the snack bar.   Mom lovessss the Reese Pieces.  I do get a few bites of popcorn and ice water….I’d love a tiny piece of chocolate….but, we know that won’t happen.😢  Rocky Mount has an awesome fresh popcorn machine, snacks, including Reese Pieces, M & M’s, cookies, lots of various snacks, soft drinks, water, tea, lemon aid and soooo much more.  Mom puts me in my favorite chair and I wait for Jessica, AngelA, Brian, Dion and other people in the terminal to stop by and visit with us.   Scarlett walks around shaking hands with everyone….🤣.  Daddy heads to the popcorn machine, Mom always buys some of the canned nuts…her favorite is the Honey Roasted, Dads loves the Wing Nuts. 


DXR - Danbury, CT Airport 

OMGGGGG!  They have an over time top ice cream machine….just pick up the cone you would like, select which flavor ice cream, turn the handle and ice cream flows out!  Plus, they have great fruit, water and snacks. My grandma lives about 10 minutes from the airport.   I prefer to go in warm weather because the ice cream machine is closed when it’s cold….Mom does let me have 2-3 licks of vanilla but no more!