Nap Time!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Hi everyone,

I've been "perched" in my favorite spot in my Mom's office all afternoon.....I've napped, barked at birds and waited for Pam & Macey to walk by but I haven't seen them!!!   It's soooo cold outside and I didn't go for a long walk around the golf course in my stroller but I took a quick stroll in the backyard.....

We have soooo many cute outfits and gifts in for Valentine's Day for your furbaby and furbaby lovers.....OMG!  I want one of each!   But my very favorite is the red silk dress that has interchangeable pieces you can switch for different seasons.....a red heart for Valentine's Day, holly for Christmas, lady bug for Summer and cherries!   This is by far my favorite dress.   My friend Kate's Mom bought one for her and I'll post a picture of her as it gets closer to Valentine's Day.

Stay warm!