New York Class Reunion!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Hi everyone,

This past weekend we flew up to NY to my Dad's high school reunion.    It has to be almost the coldest place on the planet......It was unreal!!!  But, the scenery is gorgeous, mountains, leaves were turning, streams, waterfalls, etc.  We stayed at my aunt's house and I LOVE her house!   It's up on a hill with almost a mountain in the backyard....bird houses everywhere!   And.......Wayne, my uncle, put wood in the wood burning stove and I could have stayed on the sofa all night.....loved the smell.......   Upstate NY is really beautiful but it's a nice place to visit.......we are warm weather people and can't handle the Dad had the heat on full force in the airplane as we were leaving and Mom had me bundled up under blankets in her lap and I was still vibrating I was soooooo cold!!!!!   I had lost of fun visiting family and especially my grandma......but it's really nice to be back home where it's warmer weather!