No Stroller Today! I’m roughing it!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Good morning!

Today I’m “walking” without my backup ride.   Usually I have my stroller with my blanket and a treat…but Daddy says I’m a big girl now and I should walk more like the other little dogs  🤣🤣🤣🤣that didn’t last very long.   It’s humid today and hot….plus I have lots of hair.   I walked 1/2 of a mile and stopped!   I know I’m a spoiled little girl and I love walking a few minutes, sniffing out everything, then resting in my stroller for a few minutes….but I’m never off of guard duty…when I see another dog…I let them know I’m in my stroller!   Daddy says I’m really brave in my stroller or when I’m being carried.   In the picture, Daddy is carrying me……actually he carried me over 2 miles in his arms.    When we got to the car…I had ice water and a treat...then, I got in his lap and went to sleep….I was a tired girl and napped until we got home…..then I laid out on the floor where it was cool and took another long nap.  But after my hour nap, I was ready to go….we went to the airport to get the plane ready for our upcoming trip.

Have a wonderful Thursday!