Omg! I fell asleep!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Hi everyone,

Can you believe I fell asleep at my favorite place on the east coast?    My Mom, Dad and I flew rescue dogs today on their Pilots N Paws Freedom Flight to Easton, MD....this is where my favorite restaurant, Sugar Buns, is located.  As soon as I got into the booth.....I checked out!   I was sooooo tired!   My Mom got me up before daylight, swooshed me out of the door and got me dressed on the way to the airport.    She put me, my blanket and my breakfast in the plane while they preflighted.    We had a plane full of rescue pups and no room for me to spread out, watch cartoons and  look out of the window😢.   But that’s ok....I sat on my dad’s shoulder and relaxed.   I love all of the rescue pups!    I crawled beside of Rogers crate and we played a little during the flight💕💕💕.   We have more rescue flights planned for this week and I’m sooooo excited!!