OMG! I’m NEVER going back outside!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Check out the hawk perched in the tree!  Mom told me I have the use my pee pee pads because I’m not going outside.   Which is fine with me.   The hawk was watching our bird feeders and looking for squirrels!  Mom almost took the door off when she rushed out yelling at it and blowing a loud took off....huge wing span and a lot of flapping noise.   Even though our backyard is fenced in, I’m not allowed out without Mom or Dad carrying me or within a foot of me.   We go on long walks where we can see for a long distance and I’m attached to my safety harness and leash....we run and play where it’s open and no trees where predators can hide.   Plus, I get lots of exercise at home...running and playing.   Daddy is always hiding my toys and squeaking them....which sends me into a tizzy looking for them.  Stay safe and watch out for predators.