Pawz Protectors are a MUST!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Good morning!🌻

Pawz protectors are my FAVORITE!  I wear mine whenever I’m going to be walking on hot pavement, sand or anything else that’s hot!  They are very lightweight and SOOO stylish!   PLUS…….we have matching bandanas!   Scarlett LOVES hers!  You should see her prancing!  She might be a 75 pound girl but she knows how to style and profile!  
Mom got the designer to paint the design on a pair of shoes for her….now Scarlett, Mom & I have matching shoes……Toooo CUTE!


Abi & Scarlett

P.S.  The cutie in the photo is Allie all glamorized in pink.  (I don’t wear feathers….They make me sneeze) 🤣