Personal Shopping not happening for the next few months!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on


Soooo sorry but we aren't taking any personal shopping appointments.   We want everyone to stay safe.   There will be plenty of time for personal shopping appointments after the virus is gone.  We love seeing all of our furbaby friends but let's practice safe distancing a few more months and when this virus is gone...we're going to get back on schedule with our fashion shows, tea parties, ice cream socials and everything else we had planned.  But, until then let's just enjoy our time at home and stay safe.   My Mom has been soooo busy.......she rearranged the entire upstairs!   She didn't do anything in my room (but I was guarding it very closely).   A friend of hers brought plants to the door at the garage and Mom has been planting, big time. out birdbaths and everything else outside   My parents are in the high risk category and they are playing it safe by keeping us all at home!   We even go to the drive-thru to pick up's unreal how our lives have changed soooo much lately!!!

We miss you all!!!

Abigail & Scarlett