Photoshoot today!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Good morning!

Mom got me up at 5:30!   As in before daylight!   We are doing a photoshoot and need to get started before it gets hot!   

My Daddy taught me a long time ago how to be a wall walker.  I love walking on walls!  The first thing I do, after I get my eyes opened from getting up before the birds do…, is walk around the pool while Pam and Mom are getting set up.  Mom said “ Abigail do not get in the pool or get wet….if you do, you will have to take a bath and dry your hair!”   Don’t worry I won’t jump in….until after Nala and I finish posing. 

The water is sooo inviting  

Maybe I will just stick my paw in while Mon isn’t looking 

ummmm….maybe I’ll just walk the wall….I don’t want a bath!

Nice view from up here!

I think I’ll jump in….

I shouldn’t have jumped in…..but it felt soooo good.   But it’s ok….we are modeling bikinis….🤣🤣🤣