Pilot Jim Vadola saves the day!✈️

Posted by Abigail Zeneski on

Good morning everyone!
7 puppies went on their their Pilots N Paws Freedom Flight today and arrived safely in NJ.
Andrew & I were scheduled to fly the pups from Louisburg, NC to Georgetown, Del to meet Pilot Jim.  But, we had maintenance issues with the plane on Saturday and Andrew contacted Pilot Conner to see if he could help with the pups.  Conner agreed to take our leg of their journey and everything was set.
Sunday morning Pilot Tim, based n Myrtle Beach, SC, picked up the pups from foster mom Cindy in Sumter, SC and headed to Louisburg, NC packed to the max with fur babies.  Andrew and I rode out to the airport to help switch all of the pups from Tim’s plane to Conner’s.  Pups were loaded and off they went to Georgetown, Delaware to meet Pilot Jim.  Shortly after takeoff, Conner had mechanical problems and had to declare an emergency.   He returned to the airport and landed safely…..but we still had 7 puppies weighing about 150 pounds and no idea what to do.    Andrew talked to Pilot Jim and he said he would fly to NC from NJ, pick up the pups and fly back to NJ. 
Jim landed at Louisburg, NC a couple of hours later and the pups were loaded up and off they went. 
Jim was our super hero today!  He flew nearly 1,000 miles to save these puppies!🐾❤️✈️
Pilots N Paws Volunteer Pilots are the best!  They stick together and help each other out when emergencies happen!
Thank you everyone who made the rescue possible yesterday!
Abigail & Scarlett