Pilots N Paws Rescue Flight Tomorrow!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Hi everyone

Stay tuned for pictures of our rescue pups tomorrow!   I will be posting pictures during the rescue flight.   I am soooo excited for these little guys!   A few weeks ago they were lost and alone in the woods and someone heard them crying and saved them.   I know exactly how they feel......I've been in the same situation they were in....except I wasn't in the woods.....i was found wandering the streets all alone.  I was injured, my paws were bleeding, I was a matted mess and I was almost starved and scared to death.  But someone saw how scared I was and I eventually trusted them enough to let them pick me up and take me to a shelter.   I got myself shaved (OMG, I was a walking disaster) to get rid of all of the muddy, messy mats and I received medical attention.......plus I got spayed.   I had to stay at the shelter for a while until I was in good health and then my Mom and Dad came to get me!    I loveeeee my parents (and my sister) more than anything in the world.   I'm such a lucky girl.  I have my own room, toys, clothes, lots of LOVE and my best friend in the whole world lives next door......her name is Macey and her Mommie is my 2nd Mommie.......I'm such a happy girl!  I tell all of the rescue dogs that fly with us not to worry that they are going to go to a safe shelter and will have a bed, lots of food and will be adopted by a loving family......just like me!