Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Hi everyone!

Macey and I are having sooooo much fun today!   We've played, had treats, tried on clothes and had a little tiny taste of whip cream on one of our treats!   Our Mom's are working on planning the Christmas Fashion Show and Macey, Scarlett and I are having lots of fun running all over the house and chasing toys!

Did you know Dairy Queen has pup cups!........and they are FREE!!!!!  Our mom's made all THREE of us SHARE a cup!  Can you believe that???  We probably have the two pickiest Mom's on the planet......we can't have sweets but maybe once a month and it's only a half of a spoonful!  The other day I noticed something really strange looking in my lunch Mom put a GREEN BEAN in it!    Macey loves green beans ......but not me......I took one look at that thing......pushed it out of my plate and left it there......I think she got the message that I didn't want a green bean!

Stay tuned.......