Please VOTE for me! 🐾 Round #2 ends tonight at 10pm🕙!

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Hi everyone!
Please vote for me (Abigail) for America’s Favorite Pet. I help my parents fly rescue dogs from high kill shelters to safe shelters. We volunteer for Pilots N Paws and fly lots of dogs every week!❤️✈️🐾. I was abandoned, hungry and hurt and someone found me and carried me to a shelter. My parents came and got me, rushed me off to a vet for medical treatment…complete with getting completely shaved and putting two of my legs in casts. I was sooo scared but I now have a great home with loving parents and I help my parents work with rescue dogs. I “talk” to the dogs and tell them about what happened to me, how I was afraid and ready to give up…but look at me now. If I win the contest my mission is to help more rescue dogs in shelters and donate to dogs in need of medical treatment. Please vote for me❤️

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Thank you so much! ❤️🐾



ps. My birthday is Valentine’s Day! 😘🎂😘🎈🎊🎁