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Good Morning,

Mom’s friend, Susan Owenby, is a one woman operation in rescuing dogs and is the most amazing person!  Susan researched, designed and developed the “Rescue Me” game.

This year 98 dogs found their way through Owenby Sits and
Shits Bed and Breakfast. It was a tough year for mama dogs.
We had a C-section, slow labor that required vet intervention,
a miscarriage, extreme mastitis resulting in the loss of a
breast, and the hardest of them all, the passing of sweet
mama Vegas.
I've reflected on that a lot this year and have decided that
sometimes, the universe sends you what you can handle. I
guess after this many dogs, the universe thinks I can handle
a lot!
Canine Threads had its first full year in business. Thanks to
you all and your generosity, CT has donated a total of $3100
to three local rescues, paid for 5 spay/neuters, purchased
more than 950 pounds of food. I'm excited about the future.
The new matching game is on the way, Operation Ball Drop is
in planning, and I have 100s of ideas for new ways to make a difference.
In total over the 5 years, 387 dogs have graced me with their
love and companionship on this stop of their life journey. I'm
so grateful to be in a position to do this for them and never
forget that it truly is a gift for me and them.

Let's see what 2023 brings! Maybe I can break another 100!

Order your Rescue Me Game here:

100% of profits benefit rescue dogs in North Carolina