Rescue Flight Tuesday!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Good morning!

Scarlett & I are sooo excited!   We have 9 puppies and 8 kittens that are going on their Pilots N Paws Rescue Flight with us.   Since this is such a long distance….from Georgia to NY, I think there will be 3 pilots involved.   We will fly south and bring them back to our airport where another pilot will meet us and head north…probably to Georgetown, MD or Frederick, MD.  Pilot Glenn will meet them in MD and continue their flight to NY.   I was hoping we would fly the 2nd leg to MD and go to Easton.   That’s my favorite airport…..Howard can hear us on the radio and he drives the golf cart out to the plane, picks me up and delivers me to Sugar Buns Cafe!   Susan, the owner, will have my table ready…complete with fresh ice water and I can relax until Mom & Das arrive for lunch.   Plus I have grilled chicken slices, fresh pieces of apples and carrots.
Check back later for pictures of the pups & kittens during their flight.



Abigail & Scarlett