Santa’s Lil Helpers are #1 in Christmas PJ’s

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Good morning,

Santa’s Lil Helpers are sooo adorable!   I LOVE mine!  They are soft, warm and #1 choice in Christmas pajamas.  

Stop by and pick up a pair for your furbaby at Neuse General Store in Raleigh, The Tin Pig in Youngsville or shoo with us Saturday at Mistletoe Market at Wakefield High School in Raleigh…..can’t make it to any of these locations?   Our online store is always open 24/7.

Shop early while we still have all sizes.


Abigail & Scarlett 

P.S. Today is my Aunt Eloise’s birthday.   She’s my Granny’s sister….I’ve never met her but my Mom told me about a lot of the adventures she, Granny and Aunt Eloise had….add Aunt Jennie Belle to scene and you had the original Golden Girls. (my Mom was the mascot)🤣