Santa Wallhangings!🎄

Posted by Abigail Zeneski on

Hi everyone,

So sorry I haven’t written in a couple of days!  I have been one busy, busy girl getting ready for Christmas at the boutique.   

Last week, I was in 4 different states in 3 days!   But I love the fast paced lifestyle.   I’ve been helping Mom pick out some cute things for the boutique.   This year we have 5 different Wallhangings to choose from.  These are great for anyone!   We have a customer that got really creative and each day she is putting a little gift, toy or treat for her furbaby and…..she bought a different style and is putting cute gifts, gift cards and surprises in it for her husband!  A teacher bought one for her classroom and each day there will be a new surprise……each child will get one! (She teaches preschool and has 9 students).   

Check out the designs!