Scarlett & I miss Macey!!!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Scarlett & I miss Macey so much!   We loved riding in our strollers together and terrorizing the neighborhood.   Macey weighed just a few pounds more than I do and together.....we were real tough girls!!!   There is a dog up the street that thinks he's a ladies man.......he struts when he walks.......but Macey and I absolutely hate him.....we would jump out of the stroller and go into attack mode when we would see him.  My Mom would have to pick me up when she saw him coming because she knew this six pounds of bravery was headed out of the stroller and ready to attack.   One day Pam, Mom, Macey and I were standing in the street talking and here he comes....prancing down the hill as if he is the king......wellllllllll.......we had news for him.......he doesn't belong on this end of the hood and we let him know it.....I think Macey and I complimented each other.......if one of us would do the low growl.....the other one would really kick in and we were in action!!!    Scarlett is good too when it comes to going into attack mode but she just ignores the "dog" up the hill.....but not me and Macey!   We have eyes in the back of our head!!!!

Macey, we miss you soooo much.   But, you are out of pain and you are running free and playing with your big brother Zach.  I hope you have met my sisters, Daisy and Sissie and my brother, Arkie....they are up in heaven with you and I hope you all get together and keep an eye on us.

Until we meet again Macey..... xoxoxox

We love you,

Abigail & Scarlett