Scarlett isn’t thrilled!

Posted by Abigail Zeneski on

🤣🤣🤣🤣Hi everyone!

Dad, Mom and I took Scarlett to the do it yourself spa and she hated it!  Mom found a “rake” in the accessory basket and she was brushing Scarlett’s hair  OMGGGGG!   Scarlett had big piles of hair coming out.  I think she had more hair in the tub than I have all over me!   But she looks amazing!   Her coat is shinning and she looks like she lost some weight!  Daddy was soaking wet because Scarlett kept shaking and slinging water all over the place.   It definitely was an adventure.   She loves going to Kris at our “real” spa.  I like it when she goes too because we go together.   I freak out   I don’t like leaving my Mom and I always have a meltdown when they leave me.   But, Kris says I’m a good girl….I only have a meltdown when Mom & Dad are watching.🤣