Scarlett knows she’s CUTE!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Scarlett and I got groomed today and Scarlett keeps staring into the mirrors....she can’t believe how cute she is....especially with her new red bow.   Kris really “put a shine” on her!!   Scarlett is perched in front of the window so everyone can see her as we drive by..........NOT ME..... I don’t want the wind to blow my hair and mess up my glamorous locks!!   I don’t like going to the spa.   Today I caused a scene on the way..... When I realized where we were going....I started crying....I got in Dad’s lap, then hopped in Mom’s.   I was soooo upset.   I tried to get Scarlett to save me but forget that....Miss Social Butterfly, aka Scarlett was happy and excited about going.   I started crying, shaking and tried to get under the seat....when I saw Kris coming out of the door to get us.....I lost it.    My Mom has a meltdown too because she knows I’m scared.   But.....Once I get inside, hop into the luxurious tub...I feel a little better...knowing as soon as this is over I get to go home.    Scarlett paddles around...having so much fun in her Olympic size tub is a little baby sized spa...just for me🤣💕🐾

Kris dries me off, trims my nails, brushes me, etc and I’m doing countdown until Daddy and Mom arrive.    When they drive up, Scarlett freaks out, I’m screaming and trying to get to them....I’m kissing my parents, standing on Daddy’s shoulders and sooooo you know what Scarlett is doing?????? She’s still kissing and hugging Kris goodbye......not me.....when I exit the Spa door I’m on a mission to get in the car....I love looking adorable with my long, flowing hair but I’m a tough cookie....I’d rather be home fighting with  my Daddy....he roughs me up, calls me his little torpedo, tosses me around and tells me he is teaching me how to be a real Mom spoils me with cuddles, rubs, kisses, washes my face after meals, covers me with a blankie when I’m napping, etc.   Scarlett and I are sooooo lucky.   We have the best home in the world💕💕💕🙏🏻