Scarlett takes up TOO much room!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

Hi everyone,

Scarlett has this huge bed that always travels with her.   My bed is small and cozy and doesn't take up much room, at all!   Scarlett gets in her bed......moves it around and takes up almost 2 seats in the plane......I'm going to have to have one serious talk with my parents and tell them to put her in the 3rd row where she can have the entire area and let me stay in the 2nd row.....I know she's a big girl but come on now.....taking up the entire 2 seats is being one major diva!   Can you tell I have a blank look on my face?   I can't believe how much space one dog can take over!!!!

Ok, I feel much better since I've vented......

Stay tuned for more adventures!