Scarlett takes up two seats in the plane!!!

Posted by Anne Zeneski on

I don’t know what Scarlett’s problem is but I refuse to sit in the 3rd row!!  Scarlett gets in the plane with her blankets and bed....spreads out all over the place and expects me to go to the next row.   But that’s not happening    I’ll just stay in the cockpit with Mom & Dad or either crawl in Scarlett’s bed with her.    She knows I only ride in the first class section and since she is soooo big, she needs to move back another row and add a seat belt extension or two.    We flew down to Harnett County and since Covid is fresh baked cookies at the airport.   But no problem, Mom had our snack bag packed and we had a picnic.   After we left Harnett Co, we flew over our walking park area and Mom got great pictures of the park, our house and so much more.   Check out the picture of the clouds rolling in.   

Have wonderful evening.....Countdown to Christmas!!!🎄🐾💕✈️☃️